Updating your Pantera Pico PC’s BIOS

Updating the BIOS firmware on your Pantera Pico PC sets certain optimizations and adds some capabilities that weren’t previously preset.

Below are the instructions for flashing your Pantera Pico PC’s BIOS firmware.
(for a short version of these instructions, go down to the very bottom or click here)

What you’ll need:

  • Pantera BIOS firmware (Download from here: BIOS Firmware)
  • A wired keyboard
    Note: You may have to manually enter your Windows Activation Key after the procedure.


  1. Extract the contents of the zipped BIOS Firmware into a folder on your desktop.
  2. Open the folder where you have the firmware, then navigate into the [Intelfpt] folder, and then right click on the address bar, then click Copy to copy the file’s address in your system.
  1. Go to the Windows search bar and type “Windows Powershell
  1. On the first search result, Windows Powershell, click “Run as administrator
  1. In Windows Powershell, type “cmd” as shown below
  1. Type “cd” here next, followed by a space, then press <Ctrl+V> on your keyboard to paste the folder address you copied earlier, then press Enter.
  1. Once you are in that folder’s address, type “f.bat” and let the command run. This will take a while, you will be informed once the operation is done.
  1. You will see “FPT operation success” down the bottom once it’s done. You may now close this window.
  2. Restart the computer now for the operation to take effect.


Below is the short version of the above guide.

Follow these quick steps to update your BIOS’s firmware:

  1. Download the firmware files from here: BIOS Firmware
  2. Extract the files to a folder on your desktop, navigate into the folder named “Intelfpt,” then on the address bar, right click then copy the folder’s system address.
  3. Run Powershell as administrator, and then type “cmd
  4. Type “cd” followed by a space, then paste the Intelfpt folder’s address that you copied earlier.
  5. Once there, type “f.bat” then hit <Enter>. The firmware update process will begin, this will take a while.
  6. When done, you will see “FPT operation success” down the bottom.
  7. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
    END OF UPDATE PROCEDUREHINT: You know the BIOS flashing worked when you see the new XDO bootsplash logo with black background, like this:
    (not a screenshot, obviously, since the operating system has not loaded yet at this stage)

    Photo of XDO bootsplash logo

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