• This wireless bluetooth mouse makes operating your Pantera Pico PC a lot more comfortable for those long work days, as the strain on your wrist is greatly lessened by the upright configuration. Note that we only have the right-handed version.  
  • This clamshell design ultra-slim folding bluetooth keyboard greatly miniaturizes your desktop setup. Perfect for travelling, for working on the go, in hotels, in the office boardroom for presentations, and it fits your pocket nicely.  
  • This ultra-slim bi-folding bluetooth keyboard looks amazing, while it turns your mobile computing setup instantly super-compact. It unfolds into a full keyboard complete with number-keys on the right, and slips into your pocket when you're ready to go.
  • Get this gorgeous,large-sized EVA carrying case to put in your Pantera Pico PC, Pico Projector, XDO Powerstation, folding wireless-keyboard, and other peripherals for those on-the-go situations, or for just storing all of them in one place, ready for travel.   

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