Pantera Pico PC

The beautiful aluminum-body, ultra-tiny, quad-core computer features 4 USB ports, an HDMI port, up to 8GBs of RAM, and up to 1 Terabyte of SSD storage. Perfect as a home-office desktop computer replacement, or even a secondary PC that fits in the palm of your hand. Take it anywhere with you. Or turn your living room TV into a powerful Windows/Linux computer with it, even as a streaming media system. 









Since the recent advent of remote work and study becoming popular, many people have realized that there is nothing that fills that gap between a powerful desktop, and a laptop when it comes to productivity on-the-go.

Mobile phones do not solve the problem of people needing to have a full-multitasking office computer setup while still being portable, since the amount of work one can do on smartphones is limited. If there are any, they are too bulky, too expensive, or both.


A tiny portable desktop PC.

One that gets every job done and fills that void where mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices fail miserably.  Pantera Pico PC ticks all the requirements, and meets all your portable office computing needs.


  • Ultra small form factor desktop computer, easily fits most bags
  • Far lighter than a desktop tower PC
  • Windows and Linux compatible
  • Perfect for office or for work-from-home setups
  • It’s an all-around home entertainment center
  • It’s Windows 11 ready
  • User-expandable storage
  • More USB ports than the competition
  • Ultra silent active cooling system
  • Large 360-degree LED power indicator
  • 4K UHD video output
  • Works as a game center


The Pantera Pico PC is the perfect device for productivity and entertainment that is willing to go anywhere with you. It is an ultra-small and ultra-light computer, you can put it in the palm of your hand and weighs just about the same as an average smartphone of today. Unlike a tower PC, you can take the Pantera from one room to the other, take it upstairs, downstairs, bring it to the office, without breaking a sweat. We have designed the Pantera to be so small  that when you put it on your desk, your desk will instantly look huge because of all the space you have saved.


One wouldn’t expect the Pantera Pico PC to perform as much as it does, coming from such a small package.
Aside from doing office tasks and being a home computer, it can be deployed as an embedded computer, for POS, for digital signages, for CCTV systems, and much more depending on the requirement.

Pantera Pico PC Hightlights


1. Small form factor

Small footprint requires very little work area and allows the user more desk space for other things. Unlike its desktop tower counterparts, the Pantera Pico PC is small and ultra-light; it fits in the palm of your hand. So small, that you can put it in your bag and barely notice that it’s even there. Having a tiny shell also means that it requires less power to run, and in fact, it can run on a 12V power bank.

Body dimensions: 6.9cm wide x 6.9cm deep x 5.3cm high

  • Windows and Linux compatibility

Pantera Pico PC is fully compatible with 64-bit operating systems. Windows 10 runs perfectly smooth and runs happily with nary a hiccup. And since many Linux-based operating systems are lightweight, the Pantera Pico PC is perfectly capable of running popular Linux distributions. We have tested and used Ubuntu DesktopLinux Mint, along with other Linux distributions, all without issues.

  • It’s the perfect device for the office, or for work-from-home setups

Pantera Pico PC is the perfect solution for the demand for low-cost office productivity computers. It is capable of being a work-from-home device, for web-meetings, and online classes. It does not require a lot of setup and is easily portable from one location to another when needed.
Hardly even half the price of a regular laptop, it’s a computer that fits in your pocket quite nicely.

  • It’s a home entertainment center

Watch your movies on your big 4K TV that you recorded yourself or someone else, browse family pictures, even play your music. Coupled with a good internet connection, the Pantera Pico PC can function as a great media-streaming device. You and your family can watch movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, making it a versatile home entertainment device.

  • It is Windows 11 ready

Microsoft has announced their latest requirements for PCs to be compatible with the latest version of their operating system, Windows 11, and Pantera Pico PC meets and exceeds them. You can rest assured that when Win11 rolls out, you know this device is upgradeable to it when you choose to.

  • User-expandable storage

Storage can be added using the MicroSD card slot in front, or a more permanent solution is by swapping out the SSD with a larger capacity one. We highly suggest that you purchase Pantera in the SSD capacity larger than what you first think you need, as files can really quickly take up space.Pico PC

  • More USB ports than the competition

You can plug in as many as 4 USB peripheral devices on the Pantera Pico PC. It has 3x USB3.0, two of which are located in the front, 1x USB3.0 and 1x USB2.0 at the back. Enjoy blazing fast transfer rates on 3 out of 4 ports, when you need them.

  • Ultra Silent Active Cooling System

          The ultra quiet fans are engineered to be silentso that you enjoy more of the movies and TV series without being bothered with the usual fan noise most computers have. We made sure the heat-sink is robust to dissipate heat from the processor and away from the device, to keep your Pantera performing at its best at all times.

  • Large 360-degree LED power indicator

The Pantera Pico PC features a LED lighted strip that wraps around the top lid that can be seen from all directions. This 360-degree-viewable LED strip is helpful since the Ultra Silent Active Cooling System’s fan is so silent, you need to have a way of finding out if the computer is running or not.

  • 4K UHD via HDMI output

Connect your 4K monitor or 4K TV and enjoy up to 60 frames per second for that buttery smooth video. Especially when using the Pantera Pico PC as a media streaming device, having UHD resolution capability brings you clear crisp visuals.

gaming Pico pc

  • Works as a game center too

For those times when you and your family want some casual gaming, the Pantera Pico PC has been tested to run game titles like Minecraft, CS Go!, and Half-Life 2.

Pico PC Case

  • Drop-proof carrying case accesory

Since it is so small, we’re including a carrying case for you to protect your Pantera Pico PC while being transported.

Choice of EVA case available as add-on options during checkout.

  • Dual-Channel Memory

Apps run faster, multi-tasking and switching between tasks is noticeably quicker compared to other computers with single-channel only memory.

  • Abundant portable accessories ecosystem

From the portable PicoProjector, to folding keyboards and miniature mice, we have your tiny portable computing needs covered. The PicoPc + PicoProjector + PowerStation weigh around 30% less than the average laptop and are 1/6th the weight of the traditional desktop.  You can view our full accessories add-on offerings during check-out.

Pico PC


Pico PC

 Pantera Features

Pico Features


  • Intel Celeron J4125 Quad Core 2.7Ghz CPU
  • Dual Band WiFi 2.4Ghz/5Ghz 422Mbs
  • Up to 8gb LPDDR4 (2x 4GB running in dual-channel mode)
  • Up to 1 Terabyte M.2 SSD
  • Ultra Tiny – 2.63 X 2.63 X 1.75 Inches
  • 4 USB Ports – 3x USB3.0, 1x USB2.0
  • 12V USB-C power port
  • 2 SSD Storage
  • MicroSD expansion card slot
  • 64-bit Windows 10 / Linux compatible
  • Combo Speaker/Microphone Jack
  • Powerful Fan
  • Robust Heat-sink

 Pantera Specs

Pico Specs


Tower desktop computers take up a big portion of your desk space, Pantera Pico PC is designed specifically to be as small as possible while still retaining many capabilities of its gargantuan cousins. The Pantera measures a mere 2.63 x 2.63 x 2.1 inches (67 x 67 x 53 millimeters), and weighs just 0.39 pounds. The outer shell is made from a single block of aluminum, CNC-milled and hard-anodized for the perfect finish, and only the top and bottom are made of durable plastic. It has no problem being carried around in your jacket pocket.

Pico Pc


Despite the Pantera’s diminutive size, there is plenty of power under the hood. That power is provided for by the highly-efficient quad-core Intel Celeron J4125 chip, and is very much capable of multi-tasking, the biggest requirement in today’s productivity work.
Things like working on presentations, documents, and browsing the web, can be done with perfect ease on the Pantera Pico PC. Video is handled by the Intel UHD graphics which outputs a maximum of 60 frames per second of 4K video.


The Pantera Pico PC uses 2 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, for a total of 8GB, running in dual-channel memory configuration that significantly doubles the data transfer speed by adding one more channel of communication between the memory and the memory controller. What does that mean for you? Having the RAM configured in dual-channel mode means twice as fast accessing of programs stored in memory, your apps are more responsive, switching between tasks is also twice as fast, and many more performance benefits compared to a computer with only a single-channel RAM configuration.

Inside the Pantera is an M.2 2242 SSD for storing your operating system and files. Choose the storage size you need, Pantera comes in options ranging from 64GB up to a maximum of 1 Terabyte so you can store all your documents, presentations, videos, photos and everything else you might want to keep.

What’s more is that you can expand the storage capacity by adding in a MicroSD card via the front slot, or use your card for transferring files from your DSLR, action camera, or mobile phone to your Pantera with absolute ease.


When we first put our wishlist of things that need to go into the Pantera Pico PC, we thought of everything possible to keep the balance between functionality, style, power, I/O ports, and of course, connectivity, all while keeping the small form factor the smallest possible.

Pantera has 4 USB Ports around the shell, 2 USB3.0 in front for super fast transfers and ease of access, 1 USB3.0 and 1 USB2.0 at the back. Flash drives, external hard drives and other devices can move data without the long wait time.

It uses dual-WiFi 6 for better wireless connection to a wireless router. It sports Bluetooth 5.1 for your wireless peripherals like wireless keyboards, mouse, earphones, headphones, game controllers, and so much more, with minimal latency that current technology can give. Attach a multi-purpose hub to add even more functionality and the Pantera Pico PC will be happy to take them all in.

Got a wired microphone or headset? No problem. We made sure that the Pantera has a combo speaker/mic port, found at the back right between the USB ports.


Having a processor capable of multitasking means it will be generating heat, which needs to be managed to keep the Pantera working at optimal levels every time. We created the Pantera to have an ultra silent active cooling system so that aside from moving the heat away from the unit, you won’t be bothered with the common fan noise that plagues many computers. At just 19dB, you can watch your movies’ silent parts in peace.

Get your Pantera with Windows 10, or install the Linux of your choice. We’ve tested it to work with many Linux-based distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint, our top favorites so far.

Pico PC


Pico PC


We’ve worked relentlessly over the past year to produce a tiny desktop PC that will be your true portable computing companion for many years. We’ve already done a pilot production run and Pantera is ready to go into mass production.

Pico TImeline

We’ve worked just over a year on developing the Pantera. Everything from the hardware, to firmware (BIOS), and accessories have all be fully tested and are ready for mass production.


The Prototying & Production process:

industrial design

Prototyping was one of the funnest parts of this journey. We learned a lot and can still learn more with feedback from our testers, reviewers and from you.PicoPc

We’ve finalized tooling molds, assembly proceduces and optimized the BIOS firmware. Everything is set and ready for mass production.

Pilot Production Run


 Tooling MoldsPicopc

Pantera was a dream of ours for over 3 years. We saw the market for tiny desktop PC’s years ago, but we only had an android development team.  We got busy with other things and the Pantera was forgotten.


When the recent pandemic happened, people around the world were stuck at home.

As we began to work remotely from home, we noticed our desktop PCs were old and bulky. Then we remembered our old project…


Thus, the Pantera Pico PC project was born.

Pico PC


The Pantera comes in black, gunmetal grey, blue, red, purple, pink and gold.




Pantera has many different advantages over the competition. From the number of ports, to the cooling system, along with the aesthetics that are both stylish and functional. The XDO Pantera Pico PC team prides itself with continuously progressive innovation, and adding value to what we offer. But, we need your help bringing this endeavor out to everyone who needs a portable computing device. We have already produced 50 fully functional units and they are already sent out to independent testers all over the world. By supporting our campaign, you help us further develop the Pantera Pico PC and mass-produce more of this truly wonderful and gorgeous computer that people and families can utilize for their home and office work, and much more.



The Pantera Pico PC will come with a one year warranty. Physical damage from being dropped or physically abused, liquids being spilled into it, or being opened without receiving permission from our support team, are not covered under warranty.



The Pantera Pico PC is a remarkable device, you can help us spread the word through telling your friends, colleagues, and family about our campaign by spreading our links on social media and on various messaging services. Visit the forums and join the discussions, give us feedback by letting us know where we can improve.

Pantera Pc


Based in Hong Kong, XDO is a group of Android TV box and Windows PC nerds. Our mission is to develop affordable yet feature-rich computing devices and peripherals. We’ve worked relentlessly for nearly a year developing our cameo model, the Pantera Pico PC.

We believe that everyone has a right to a personal desktop PC and other cool computing peripherals. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter on as we will hopefully be launching 2-3 products per year.

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